Decor items like wall decor and sculptures create the interior design –
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The interior is created by the details.

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The little things in interior design are just as important as the design itself.

Wall Decor 

Usually, the decor is thought out even at the stage of the interior concept, so the future image of an apartment or house is created. The decor includes sculptures, paintings, wall decor, baskets, curtains, carpets, flower arrangements, decorative pillows, and dozens of other items that are necessary not only for beauty but also for comfort. If you remove all the decor from the interior, then only an uncomfortable empty room will remain. Professional designers treat decor with respect and carefully select each element. Texture, color, size, and material are really important, this is the only way to create a picture like in a magazine.

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In a design project, decoration costs can sometimes be a tenth of the budget. But it is the decor that creates coziness, mood, atmosphere - everything that makes the interior unique and personal. Some details have only a decorative function, for example, sculptures, wall decor, paintings, decorative pillows, corals, plants. Others are highly functional: trays, vases, candles, book restraints, baskets, curtains, bedspreads.

Wall Decor

With Home Story Decor you can design your future interior, thereby creating a unique and inimitable design, or update an already existing interior, without major changes.

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